Stay up to date

There are some indications that the phishers, hackers, black hat crowd, etc become more active during this time of year- the tax refund time of year. They would like a piece of that pie too, just like Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon.

So, they employ their usual methods, ranging from software exploits to outright (virtual) asking for your information. The latter case requires healthy doses of both paranoia and skepticism.

However, the former requires the platform a mark may be using to have all of it's updates applied. Here's the scenario:

+Gigantosoft issues a bulletin saying, essentially, "Whoops, we have a security hole in our software." These holes usually come in the form of unchecked buffers.
+The phishers, hackers, black hat crowd, etc read these bulletins. What do you think they do with the information they glean form their reading?
+Unpatched machines are exploited by malicious webpages amongst other methods.

The moral of the story? See the title of this entry- "Stay up to date".

MCS, Inc. is available to help in this regard, use the Contact page to inquire.