Network Administration Service

The Information Technology Association of America has defined information technology (IT) as...

the study, design, development, application, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems

By this definition, seven broad subcategories of IT are made apparent, each of the seven having it's own merit. In order for a business to have stable information technologies, it must integrate each of these areas to varying degrees. It is this integration that Modern Computer Service Inc. brings to the table.

When a business employs MCS, Inc. to integrate these areas, it frees resources for it's own objectives. Contact MCS, Inc. today, for an initial meeting and evaluation.

Modern Computer Service, Inc. sees Information Technology as a group effort. Therefore, MCS, Inc. seeks to partner with management regarding it's Information Technology environment. To this end, MCS, Inc. offers the Network Administration Service, which pursues three general strategies:

+Strategy- "Up to date"

New technologies may need their kinks worked out/Technologies age quickly.

How to square these two, universal truths? Find the middle ground: robust software and hardware that make the environment contemporary- MODERN. In order to accomplish this objective, MCS, Inc. dedicates resources to development, with the goal of simulating production. Stable systems in development lead to stable systems in production.

+Strategy- "Redundant"

Identify where data exists- centralize it, and store it on RAID volumes at the very least. Many softwares available today allow for great reinforcement of this, critical concept.

+Strategy- "Communication"

Information Technology is a partnership. When technical expertise combines with an open channel of communication to decision makers, rational and predictable environments result. Regular discussions of where the environment stands, where the environment should go, and how it should go there, create a road map for successful implementation.

Implementation is the final stage of a well planned, integrated platform.

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The lead technician at Modern Computer Service, Inc. is Jason Hoskins. Jason formally studied Computer Science, earning his Bachelor's of Science in the field in 1992.

From there, Jason moved into the professional side of Information Technology, holding numerous positions in a variety of environments in the decades since graduating. Those environments have ranged from mainframe shops in combination with COBOL programming; to the management and administration of Novell Netware shops with Windows 3.11 clients, Windows NT4 Server shops with Windows 9X clients, and on through Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012 Active Directory shops with Windows XP/7/8 clients.

The professional side of IT has also seen the rise of Linux in business. Jason has embraced Linux, working with a variety of distributions (CentOS, Debian, openSuSE) in combination with their associated subsystems, such as: Postfix, SpamAssassin, Clam Antivirus, Squid Proxy, Hylafax, Asterisk, Oracle VirtualBox, and SAMBA.

Jason manages these environments in the cloud and in traditional, physical installations. Cloud based IT has numerous configurations, all with strong advantages that Jason believes in.

In summary, Jason has witnessed and participated in the evolution of IT, gaining valuable experience along the way. Jason can draw on this experience and apply it to your IT environment to build an elegant and robust platform for your business.

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